Since my lawyer is telling me that just writing “Please don’t sue me!” isn’t going to cut it in terms of a legal disclaimer, I guess I should take the time to write out some specifics regarding the legalities and policies associated with this website and blog. If you want more information about Katie Bugg Designs, or just love reading really boring legal stuff, then this is your lucky day! Keep reading! You can also check out my FAQ and About page for even more, hopefully slightly less dull information regarding KBD.


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Comments on the KBD blog or any of its social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) are always appreciated and always read. KBD welcomes engaging conversations, suggestions, and even disagreements. However, KBD reserves the right to remove any comments that may contain spam or abusive and hateful language. KBD is not responsible for the contents of the comment section of this blog, or on any of its social media accounts. KBD is not responsible for any laws that may be broken by a commenter through the content of their comment.


Unless otherwise noted, the contents of this blog and store are created, written and designed solely by KBD. All content, suggestions, tutorials and opinions are those held by KBD and may or may not work for you in your life. KBD is not responsible for the outcome of any of your projects or endeavors that may be undertaken based off of the advice or opinions expressed on this blog. KBD may love salmon-colored walls, but don’t come crying to me when the same paint winds up looking terrible in your downstairs powder room.

KBD reserves the right remove, replace, redesign or change any of its content, imagery or products without any announcement or warning.

KBD apologizes for any old or outdated information, or any links or that may lead to a product, company or website that no longer exists, a sale that is no longer applicable, or pricing on a product that has changed, etc. While KBD does try to go back and x old links or outdated information, if you ever come across changes that need to be made, please feel free to reach out to me at, and I will do my best to rectify the situation.


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You are welcome to use one or two images and small bits of copy from this blog on your own blog post as long as you do not present the content as your own, and as long as you credit the content and link back to KBD. If you wish to re-post an entire blog post or multiple images, feel free to reach out to me at to obtain permission.


KBD is happy to discuss custom work. If you need a custom mood board or have a specific design you want to see on a product, I would love to discuss various terms with you. Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions and specics regarding your design needs.


All spelling and grammar mistakes found on KBD are my own. Some of them are mistakes, which you can either choose to ignore or bring to my attention at Some errors are intentional and are employed to create a comedic, informal and conversational tone. This blog isn’t a scholarly work, and while my spell and grammar check may judge me, you don’t have to!


The KBD blog uses a variety of photos. Most images, unless otherwise noted have been taken by, and are the copyright of KBD. Other images will either be stock photos that have been legally purchased for usage, images that are in the public domain, or images that are or readily available on the Internet published according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act, title 17, U.S. Code. In instances where photos do not meet the above criteria, a link or note listing the credit will be placed below the image. If you ever nd a photo that is not properly credited, please feel free to reach out to and I will rectify it immediately.

All products designed by KBD contain artwork and imagery that have either been created entirely by KBD, are in the public domain, or have been legally purchased for commercial usage.


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KBD designs and offers a variety of products through Zazzle, CafePress, Redbubble and other Print On Demand Sites. KBD receives a small percentage from any of these KBD designed products. KBD does not oversee the production or shipping of these items. In the event of an issue, please reach out to the print on demand service where the item was purchased. To learn more about KBD’s Print On Demand products, check out our FAQ page.


KBD’s blog may contain links to third party goods and services that are not located under the KBD brand. KBD is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or delivery time of any of these products that you may choose to purchase. Any policies held by the KBD brand do not apply to any links that may take you away from the website, and any participation, payment, and delivery of goods and services, conditions or warranties related to the third party are not the responsibility of KBD. KBD is not liable for any loss, damage or general frustration incurred during your correspondence and transactions with any third party. When purchasing from a third party, you also agree to be financially responsible for all purchases that you make. You agree to use the third party site and to purchase the services or products through the site for legitimate purposes only. You also agree not to make any purchases for speculative, fraudulent or false purposes.


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If you’ve reached the end of this page and are still with me, I commend you on your fortitude. I could barely stand to write it, much less read it. You must be really bored.


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